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Internet profoundly changed the way we get information. This vast steam of data, what we call Big Data, needs people with expertise in order to be correctly collected, processed, analysis and acted upon. Whether you decide to implement an internet monitoring or a mass data analysis system, making the right decision when you choose your tools and your contractor is of the utmost importance. OAK Branch will guide you every step of the way in implementing innovative solutions.

You have tough research requirements, data monitoring demands or need to process web data traffic during peak hours or major crisis time. Oak Branch has all the skills and tools at its disposal to provide you with the right inputs for your decision-making.

Search and data monitoring are important aspects of data management. As is mastering the latest software and apps specialized in that field. It requires of your company to constantly adjust its methodology and of your personnel to adapt its training programs to take new technologies into account. Offering a wide range of training programs custom-made to level-up your colleagues, OAK Branch will guide you every step of the way from digital illiteracy to full digital autonomy.

Armed with its renowned expertise in Big Data analysis, OAK Branch is able to elaborate its own models and make its own prototypes. Using the latest technological tools in automatic data processing, we can provide you with customized software. Giving you a full picture of all the data you could reach. Those tools will help you understand what is Big Data all about as well as build up your knowledge with what you already have at your disposal on your own data centers.

Proven Experience

Thanks to its wealth of experience in Big Data processing for decision-making, OAK Branch devised efficient and reliable knowledge processes, tried and tested in a number of crisis situations around the world.

Real & non-Real Time

OAK Branch is able to provide near-real-time monitoring. Our company can also provide you with non-real-time studies in order to identify the roots of a particular event.


All of the specialized tools we provide can be quickly customized to the specific needs of our clients.


Available at all time and everywhere, our company will provide you on short notice with tailored answers meeting your specific needs, be that in Europe or abroad.


Compartmentalization and need-to-know principles are the basic keys upon which to build good data security. Both concepts have long been integrated into our company’s DNA.


Our methodology as well as the tools we provide are customized to fit your needs in accordance with your budgetary constraints.



OAK Branch is born from a dream. One where field experience in intelligence gathering would be met with theoretical information science research as well as the latest advancements in ICT.


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OAK Branch team

Our team is made up of experienced data mining experts associated with fired up coders and designers. Helped by a network of technology providers spear-heading high-tech development tools, our team is able to meet any challenge!