From raw data to decision making

With the explosion in the volume of data produced in the enterprise, it has become almost impossible to analyze all the data and to extract all the information necessary for the best informed decision-making possible.

OAK Branch positions itself at the crossroads of a complex equation :

The massive processing of heterogeneous data in a constantly updated environment.

Our Expertise Is At Your Service

Thanks to our accumulated experience in collection, analysis and data processing, we are now bringing an innovative solution different from the others in the field of Big Data analysis.

We deploy triptych teams made up of analysts, data scientists and developers to our customers who will adapt our solutions to your needs in record time and by applying complex treatments aimed at exploiting, crossing and enriching real time of your data with protean structures.

Analytics - OakBranch

OAK Branch Services

  • Cross analysis of heterogeneous information.

  • Automatic generation of links and resolution of entities.

  • Application of algorithmic processing of unstructured information extraction.

  • External data enrichment.

  • Enhancement of your data by personalized dashboarding.


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